Dinner at 03:30

We didn’t eat dinner. Yep that’s right, we didn’t have a sit down meal this past evening and my four year old is reminding my wife and I about it. He is doing this at 03:30 in the middle of the night. Yea, there’s just no way he is going to go back to sleep until we have dinner. Just so you know, when you have dinner you have to have “lots of food”. So at 03:30 my wife and I got up, she made my son “dinner” and we sat at the table to eat. Then guess what happened, he wasn’t that interested in eating. It looked good to me; chocolate milk, scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets, banana and cheetos. A meal fit for a prince.  Of course our other problem could be the children’s Claratin we gave him for his stuffy nose. I think it’s got him wired. Note to self: 1) make the boy dinner; 2) check to see if Claratin will keep a little boy up at night; 3) hide his favorite toys at 03:30. While it’s not something we would normally condone, sometimes you have to try to do what you can to get the little man back to sleep. Good luck to us.

January 10, 2014

Life is thawing out a bit around here. It was above freezing the last couple of days. Today it was raining and a bit slick however. Things have been pretty slow lately. Nate is testing his boundaries lately though. He has not been very good about following his bedtime routine. Tonight he was messing around, not wanting to put his pajamas on so he got in a bit of trouble. He did shape up just enough to get dressed for bed. He was still messing around, but he was so tired that he didn’t take long to fall asleep. Today we ordered a set of Tinker Toys for him. He really wanted them so he could make some more Wipeout courses that he has seen on YouTube. He will have to wait until next week to get them, but we have something else to talk to him about for the next week. Truthfully it wasn’t his day, Hannah took him to look for a set at one of the general stores here, but they didn’t have the peices he “needs” for his course. I looked at Hobby Lobby, but they didn’t have any sets at all, or anything similar. Then he wanted to make a cake and have some marshmallows, neither of which worked out for him, partly due to the fact that I forgot to look for marshmallows at the store, and partially because it got too slick to go back to town and look for any at the store. I told him we would try to go to the store tomorrow to get some cake mix and marshmallows.

Hannah re-covered three dining room chairs and attempted to learn how to crochet. She ordered a DVD set called Homestead Blessings which are full of lots of information on how to do various things from scratch. I am looking forward to some homemade cheese for one thing.

I have Bible study in the morning with guys from Sharon Bethel. We attended there for two years and still try to keep in contact with them. We started going to Kalona Mennonite Church because Nate was not getting along well at Sharon Bethel. We are not sure why, but he gets along much better at KMC. They have a children’s church program and Sunday school after service. He also does much better during services when he is there instead of children’s church. He never was able to pay attention and was getting in trouble when we were at the other church. Sometime we might consider going back to Sharon Bethel more often. Hannah and I both miss our church friends from Sharon Bethel.

I have been having a hard time staying away from the Soda (pop) lately. I know I should cut back or cut myself off I really like soda. Today I ate chili that Hannah had frozen, and we had pizza and a lettuce salad this evening with one Ho-Ho each for desert. The hi today was 32F and it rained and misted all day.

January 5, 2014

Cold day. It got up to 15F today and it is currently -9F with -28F wind chill. It’s supposed to get down to -17 by morning with extreme wind chills.

Nate and I got up the morning and went to church and sunday school. He had his musical program this morning. He was one of the pigs in the group of primary age kids. Several people told me he did a good job and complimented me on how well he behaves. Of course after church I had to have a little talk with him about not rolling on the floor of the congregational area upstairs. But yeah, he behaves pretty well generally. After church we stopped at Subway and picked up lunch to take home. Hannah was not feeling well after her migraine yesterday. By the time we got home she said she was feeling better. I don’t think she was 100% of course. Migraines are hard on her.

We spent most of the day just hanging out at home. I ran to the store and got some soda and lettuce. I also went out and put up some heat lights in the barn for the chickens. At about 10pm I went and checked on the animals again. They all seemed to be weathering the cold as well as animals can. They are out of the wind at least so I think they will be ok.

Nate played a lot with his marble mazes and legos. He and I also played a game of Sorry and a game of Pig Mania. He really likes to play games.

Nate fell asleep on the couch during quiet time this evening so Hannah carried him to bed. He doesn’t have school tomorrow on account of the extreme cold we are expected to have through Tuesday.

Hopefully things will go well for Hannah tomorrow and she will continue to feel better. I asked our Sunday school class to pray for her.

Today I ate a Turkey & cheese 6″ sub for lunch w/doritos and Coke. For dinner Hannah made mashed potatoes, bacon and vegetables with cheese. I also snacked on some carmel corn. This morning I weighed 160#.

January 4, 2014

Today is very cold. We have had snow cover since the first part of December and only a few days warm enough to have any snow melt at all. Starting tomorrow, Sunday, January 5, 2014 it is supposed to get colder for the next few days with night time lows in the -20s F and wind chills in the -30s to – 40s F. Very cold. We are a bit worried abaout our animals and are thinking of bringing Freddie Dog in the house where he can stay in the laundry room overnight. The chickens will need a heat lamp of some sort as well. I guess the cats will have to take care of themselves; they seem to be good at that anyway.

Nate has been his typical self today. He plays and likes to be played with. He is 4.6 years old now and growing everyday. He likes to play with marble mazes and build wipeout courses form legos and other toys he puts together.

Hannah has another headache. She did the dishes anyway because she said she simply wasn’t comfortable sitting and relaxing so she might as well do something. Wish she didn’t have these headaches. She wanted to go to Ottumwa to go to the Christian book store, but didn’t feel like it. Kinda sucks.

Nate has his Christmas concert at church tomorrow, it’s a couple weeks late because of bad weather. Hopefully we can make it tomorrow and Hannah feels good enough to go.

I talked to Mom on Skype today about how to tag pictures on facebook and to make sure I had the correct Skype account for her.

Today I drank more Coke and coffee than I should have. I ate Lime Jello, Taco Salad and some carmel corn. I also drank two glasses of water.

It’s over cast today but it’s still a wonderful day for doing nothing. I am outside in our back yard listening to the insects making noise and my two year old son is giving our nine year old Corgi a run for his money. Nate has so much fun throwing balls to Fred and chasing him around the three slides that are in our yard. I am just sitting here watching, throwing the ball for Fred now and then and patting him on the head. I haven’t really done anything of consequence today except for cleaning out the car and packing some stuff for our trip to Minnesota which starts on Tuesday. Living out here in the country is such a peaceful existence and there is so much potential on our 5.5 acres of earth.

We are going to head to Sunset Bay resort on Baby Lake near Hackensack, Minnesota on Tuesday. It’s a nice little (779 acre) lake with good fishing and it’s not too crowded which is really nice. This time of year we are going to be just about the only family at the resort. And by resort I don’t mean one of those expensive, hoity toity resorts. This is more of a get back to nature resort. The cabins are nice, but No TV, and we’re pretty sure there is no internet either, at least last time we went they didn’t have any. Our plan is to fish some, or at least spend time in a boat on the lake with a fishing line in the water, have camp fires, cook some camp food, and explore north central Minnesota. Relaxing and mostly quiet.

You wouldn’t think that living in the country as we do, one would need to get back to nature, but even here sometimes, it’s too busy. Our road is quite busy with farm machinery and people going by on a regular basis, especially during planting and harvest seasons, which is coming soon. And with work, family and the fire department I don’t really get much fishing done. So this vacation is nice. Sometimes my wife says that we aren’t out in the country enough for her, so being in the woods on a lake in Minnesota should meet her need for being even more away from people.

It will be a nice trip and something we don’t do very often, but with Nate getting older, it might be a trip worth taking more regularly.


So it’s Sunday. It’s a nice sunny day again and all the sounds of the country are coming through our windows. I am wondering what to do today, what the day will bring. Thinking about going to Sigourney, Iowa to the beach with my family. It would be nice to be in the water and have a place where Nate can walk in and out and get used to the water. He takes some time to warm up to water, but once he decides he is ok with it, he has fun. Summer is getting short and a few hours at a lake might be fun.

Yesterday I mowed some of the lawn. It really is dry, but continues to grow even without water (at least it seems that there is no water left in the ground). Nate and I also had fun washing the riding mower. He loved playing with the hose, but wasn’t too keen on getting sprayed if the water shot back at him. He did seem to enjoy it overall though and was pretty much soaked by the end.

Hannah was shopping at Central discount just north of Kalona. She found some Kool-Aid fizzy drink mix which we thought would be good to have when we go on vacation. Unfortunately, she realized later that they contain Aspartame which she does not drink, nor do we allow Nate to have anything with Aspartame in it because it’s basically a poison. On top of that, just a few sips and Hannah gets a headache, and Nate already has problems with his head so we don’t need anything else added to that. I don’t know why there is such a big kick to get all this chemically laced “sugar-free” drinks into schools and such. Don’t people realize that those chemicals are worse for their kids than sugar. Sugar is basically natural and in moderation isn’t going to make any of us fat. Of course the moderation part is the kicker there isn’t it? And yes I personally love soda drinks, Coke and Cherry Pepsi specifically, but I won’t let my child have that either. He is two and no two year old should be drinking soda regularly and I know some parents don’t give it a second thought, especially if it’s “sugar-free”, but laced with highly processed corn starches or chemicals that in no way resemble sugar can’t be good for our kids. Truthfully we’d all be better off if we stayed off the soda, but it’s yummy and I’m an adult. But moderation is the key.

Ok, not sure where that came from, but anyway. Going to go wake my wife up soon and float the lake/beach idea to her.


A long time ago…

I started this blog and then simply left it sit. I now have a new computer and wonder if I will have the fortitude to write faithfully, or at least semi faithfully to my blog. Maybe not every day, or even every week, but at least periodically, not just leaving it idle and lonely for months on end. I guess we will see. It will be like an experiment. Can Rob actually keep a blog.

Of course the other question is, what will this blog be about? Who knows! Maybe like Seinfeld, it will be a blog about nothing, and something at the same time.

Well, it’s time to start this adventure over and see where it goes and how long the journey will continue.

Until next time.



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